The Balkan-Aegean Dendrochronology Project

Peer-Reviewed Papers

Christopoulou A., Gmińska-Nowak B., Tsakanika E., Ważny T., 2022. Discovering the Unknown History of the Utilization of Pinus heldreichii in Wooden Structures by Means of Dendroarchaeology: A Case Study from Metsovo (Northern Greece). Forests 13(5):719.


Christopoulou A., Fyllas N.M., Gmińska-Nowak B., Özarslan Y., Arianoutsou M., Brandes R., Ważny T., 2022. Exploring the past of Mavrovouni forest in the Pindus Mountain range (Greece) using tree rings of Bosnian pines. Trees 36: 153–166.



Christopoulou A., Gmińska-Nowak B., Ważny T., 2021. The History of Dowry Chests Captured in Wood: Dendrochronological Research on Chests from the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, Greece. Acta Universitatis Nicolai Copernici Zabytkoznawstwo i Konserwatorstwo 52: 305–329. doi: 10.12775/AUNC_ZiK.2021.009.


Gmińska-Nowak B., D’Agostino A., Özarslan Y., Orsi V., Christopoulou A., Mazzoni S., Akkemik U., Ważny T., 2021. Dendrochronological analysis and radiocarbon dating of charcoal remains from the multi-period site of Uşaklı Höyük, Yozgat, Turkey. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 38: 103078.


Makris P., Christopoulou A., Konidi A.-M., Gmińska-Nowak B., Tsakanika E., Ważny T., 2021. Interpreting the Story Old Timber Can Tell: An Example from a ‘Venetian’ Building in Nafplio. International Journal of Architectural Heritage. doi: 10.1080/15583058.2021.1963505



Roibu C.C., Ważny T., Crivellaro A., Mursa A., Chiriloaei F., Ştirbu M.I., Popa I., 2021. The Suceava oak chronology: A new 804 years long tree-ring chronology bridging the gap between central and south Europe. Dendrochronologia 68, 125856.

 Roibu_etal_2021_The Suceava oak chronology- A new 804 years long tree-ring chronology.pdf


Christopoulou A., Gmińska-Nowak B., Özarslan Y., Ważny T., 2020. Aegean Trees and Timbers: Dendrochronological Survey of the Island of Symi. Forests 11(12): 1266. 



Yalçın N., Sezerer‐Bulut M., Pearson C., Kuniholm P., Algan O., Wazny T., 2019. Establishing a high-resolution stratigraphy in the Holocene marine sequence of the ancient Theodosian harbor (Istanbul-Turkey) with the help of dendrochronology. Geoarchaeology.


Akkemik Ü , Köse N., Wazny T., Kızıltan Z.,  Öncü Ö.E., Martin J.P., 2019. Dating and dendroprovenancing of the timbers used in Yenikapı historical jetty (İstanbul, Turkey). Dendrochronologia 57, October 2019, 125628.


Christopoulou A., Ważny T., Moody J., Tzigounaki A., Giapitsoglou K., Fraidhaki A., Fiolitaki A., 2019. Dendrochronology of a Scrapheap, or How the History of Preveli Monastery Was Reconstructed. International Journal of Architectural Heritage,



 Ważny T., Lorentzen B., Köse N., Akkemik Ü, Boltryk Y., Güner T., . . . Vasileva J., 2014. Bridging the Gaps in Tree-Ring Records: Creating a High-Resolution Dendrochronological Network for Southeastern Europe. Radiocarbon 56(4): S39-S50. doi:10.2458/azu_rc.56.18335 



Chapters in books

Ważny Τ., Kuniholm P.I., Pearson C.I., 2017. Dendrochronology of the early Byzantine fort at Capidava. In: Opriș I.C., Rațiu A. (eds), CAPIDAVA II. Building C1 – Contributions to the history of annona militaris in the 6th century, Mega Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca.

Wazny et al_2017.pdf


Proceedings of International Conferences

Ważny Τ., Tzigounaki Α., Rackham Ο., Moody J., Helman-Ważny A., Pearson C., Giapitsoglou K., Troulinos M., Fraidhaki A., Apostolaki N., 2020. Trees, Timber and Tree-rings in Historic Crete, Byzantine to Ottoman. In: Proceedings of the 4th meeting for the Archaeological Work in Crete, Rethymno, 24-27/11/2016.

Wazny et al_2020.pdf



The Balkan-Aegean Dendrochronology Project